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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Bio fuel as alternative energy

Nowadays, energy is the most crucial in the world. The increase in energy demand dramatically because of population growth and the reduction of oil resources has forced all countries to produce and use renewable energy. The soaring world oil prices near U.S. $ 70 per barrel (August 2007), also provides a great incentive to develop bio fuel. Bio fuel as alternative energy have a great chance of being developed, especially in a country with a vast land to seed bio fuel synthesis, such as Indonesia. In addition to biofuels, biomass also has a similar proportion to grow. By using biomass as energy sources, agriculture and industrial waste can be managed to keep the environment clean.
Several countries, such as Brazil and Japan, exploits biofuels, particularly ethanol as a substitute for oil in particular for transport and industry. Countries were developed advanced technology for ethanol. We know roughly one third of the fuel Brazilians use in their vehicles is ethanol. They blend ethanol with gasoline at least 26%. Recently, the country is developing flexible fuel car that can run on 100% ethanol (E100). In addition, Japan, under pressure to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases responsible for global warming, plans to introduce a policy of blending ethanol with gasoline at 3, 5 and 10% to reduce emissions from motor vehicles. To meet the requirement of ethanol, the country could import ethanol abroad.
Bio fuel that technology has been developed in other countries should be spread to others, what it will bring an even development of biofuels in all countries of the world. Regarding the things mentioned above, surfactants and bioenergy - Research Centre at the University of Agricultural Sciences Bogor collaboration with Indonesian biodiesel Forum (IBF), Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources and the House Indonesian Trade and Industry will conduct an international conference of biofuels with the theme "Towards a sustainable biofuels industry." This activity will provide a forum where all parties concerned, May change ideas, information and knowledge needed to foster the development of biofuels. The conference will focus on several topics including the latest updates on technologies for producing biofuels, power sources, mixing and handling options, distribution, marketing, financing and investment opportunities .

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