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Sunday, May 25, 2008

The effect of protein

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Optimization of edible whey proteins films containing preservatives for mechanical and optical properties
Posted by admin on December 2, 2007

The effect of protein, sorbitol, beeswax and potassium sorbate in the concentrations of whey proteins films on their tensile strength, modulus Young, elongation and transparency has been studied using a mixture response Surface methods. From protein, sorbitol and potassium sorbate have been important factors that affect ultimate tensile strength, modulus Young and elongation. Beeswax had no impact on ultimate tensile strength and Young module, and it has little effect on the extension.

On the other hand, he was the main factor affecting the transparency of films. Mixing proportions of protein = 0.58, = 0.38 sorbitol, beeswax = 0 and potassium sorbate = 0.04 would yield a edible film with greater transparency-or-equal, slanted89% , Ultimate tensile strength or greater equality, slanted4 MPa, extending more - or equality, slanted40% and youths under module-than-or-equal slant190 MPa.

Keywords: edible films; whey protein, potassium sorbate; Response surface; mechanical properties, transparency
Article Preview

1. Introduction
2. Materials and methods

2.1. Experimental design
2.2. Statistical analysis
2.3. Materials
2.4. The formation of film and film casting
2.5. Film conditioning
2.6. The measurements of the thickness of film
2.7. Mechanical Properties
2.8. Transparency

3. Results and discussion

3.1. Model Development
3.2. Mechanical Properties
3.3. Optical properties
3.4. Locating the optimum
3.5. Model Audit

4. Conclusions

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