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Sunday, May 25, 2008

Biogas is the next boom green energy for China

Biogas is the next boom green energy for China?
Ranked in the archives of venture capital Greg Cruey on January 24, 2008
Tam, an English teacher in China, published an interesting blog yesterday on what could be a new frontier in green energy for China: biogas.

In Guangxi, according to his blog (which refers to a BBC) villages are turning human and animal waste in a gas used with some fairly simple technology. Villagers build a dung "digester" with a government grant. They feed with human and animal waste, and produces a gas that can be for cooking, heating, etc.

I did a little blog surfing and found this report on how China 22 million households use biogas. According to the report, China hopes to see 300 million Chinese using biogas by 2020.

the energy source of tomorrow ...?

Tam will discuss the impact on the environment: how many trees are saved, how to use biogas effects coal consumption, etc.

Zichi Lorentz obviously seen the same room as the BBC looked TAM. Zichi goes much more detail on the impact of biogas and a diagram on his site of a digester, which produce biogas.

Of course, venture capital have more questions as to whether biogas digester can be profitable on the market in China in an industry, the government hopes to expand. We have solar panels and windmills. May biogas the next big attraction of venture capital ...


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