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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Blue Energy Technology

Blue Energy Technology

The Blue Ocean Energy turbine acts as a highly efficient underwater vertical axis windmill and has a number of remarkable benefits conferred upon it by the following fundamental science: Sea water is 832 times more dense than air, and it is a non-compressible medium , So an 8-knot tidal current operation offers the equivalent of a 390 km / hour winds (about). Designed by engineer Aeronautics and Space veteran Barry Davis, the Blue Energy vertical axis turbine is two decades of Canadian research and development. Four fixed hydrofoil blades of the turbine connected to a rotor that drives an integrated gearbox and the electric generator assembly. The turbine is mounted on a sustainable marine caisson concrete anchors that the unity of the ocean floor, leads flow through the turbine further concentration of resources to support the clutch, gearbox and the generator above. These are above the surface of the water and are easily accessible for maintenance and repair. The hydrofoil knives use of a hydrodynamic lift main reasons that the turbine foils to move relatively faster than the speed of the surrounding water. Computer optimized cross-flow design ensures that the rotation of the turbine is unidirectional on both the ebb and flow of the tide.

The design of the Blue Ocean Energy Turbine requires no new construction method, it is structurally and mechanically simple. The transmission and electrical systems are similar to thousands of existing hydropower. Power transmission is by submersible kV DC wiring and safely buried in the ocean sediments with power points for the coastal cities and connections to the mainland power grid. A standardized high production design makes the economic system to build, install and maintain.

The Blue Ocean Energy Turbine can be classified into four different and flexible platforms:

Micro Power System - This is a 5 to 25kW meeting for the department in the remote domestic consumers.

Midrange Power System - Through two 250kW Blue Ocean Energy turbines, the device is off-grid competitive initially, and just competition within three to four years time. Suitable for use in remote communities, industrial areas, and resorts in regions with a net-metering policy or its dependence on costly and polluting diesel generation.

Blue Energy Power System - for large-scale electricity production, multiple turbines connected in series for making a fence in a tidal inlet or ocean passage. These are large-scale, location-specific, tailor-fitted energy installations, which vary in size and production on location. These structures have the added advantage as a transportation solution.

Mega Power System - A scale-up version of the Blue Power Energy System, the mega-class is a tidal fence can produce thousands of megawatts of power. This prediction fences can be many kilometers long and can operate in depths up to 70 meters.

To date, six prototypes of the turbine constructed and tested under the auspices of the National Research Council of Canada and independent assessments have verified feasibility.

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