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Saturday, June 21, 2008



Time and Place

Jatropha nurseries will have more than 2 years (2006-2008). The mother then worked as a plantation, where seeds fall in demand for the implementation of rare plant.

Jatropha nursery will be carried out in an area of 10 hectares. Stonku or seeds they need for the 10 hectares is 25.000-30-000 stalks, or 15 kg of seeds (to grow the power of> 80%).

Preparing the soil and planting

* Land tillage, to get rid of weeds and soil flatting, which through the drainage side of the tractor and motyčka.

Planting time is one to one and a half months before the dry season ends, planting seeds and stalks ready (it is better to namočit seeds in water per day-24 hours).

For planting the seeds, it is better to plant the seeds that the holes in the ground and placed in the 1-2 seeds in each hole. If using a stopwatch, the stem is the recommended size of 25-40 cm diameter of 2 cm long, hard stalk, green-light in color.

In monoculture planting system, the recommended space is 2 x 2 m, the number of inhabitants per hectare and 2500 plant species. If the seeds, the process continues with sparsing plant where the stem at the age of 2 weeks after planting. If the stems, we can plant the old stem-aged up to 10 cm hole.

Clean weeds and grass growth int plantation areas in order to prevent them from competing with Jatropha in mineral water and soil. Cleaning can be done about 2 weeks after planting, or have to depend on the situation on the ground.

* Hnojiv may be given twice planting time as a basic fertilizer and continue fertilizer when plants are in the age of 3-4 weeks. The recommended dose is based on a balanced-mineral system (NPK) Urea: SP-36: KCl = 4: 2: 1
* The planting of each tree Jatropha needs 50 grams of urea, SP-36, and KCl = 2: 2: 1 and 20 g of urea for 3 to 4 weeks.
* Hnojivu is due to the fact that the hole in the ground 5-7 cm deep into the distance at 5-10 cm from the stem to close the hole again.
* Cutting is done when the plants are 90 cm high, which should bring in many stem.
* Harvesting is carried out after the race, have reached the age of 6 months after planted. Ready for harvest feature: fruit color is yellow.
* Harvest the fruit peeled and seeds are dried in the open spot with good sanitation. Good seeds to be processed into oil must be maintained to will contain 12% of the goods.

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